talking heads

‘The first thing you notice,’ the man says, ‘is that she was treated with a lot of respect.’ He’s pointing at the veil underneath my cheek. In a minute, he’ll move his index to my ‘slightly parted’ lips and the ‘slender’ fingers of my left hand. He’ll stop at my closed eyes and will close […]

Gezicht niet herkend

Ik ben vorige week voor het eerst sinds ik-weet-niet-hoe-lang alleen op reis geweest. Oostkamp: het eerste woord dat in me opkwam dat niet helemaal Oostende was toen de kinderen ernaar vroegen – de  koningin der badsteden geurt sinds de herfstvakantie naar door quarantaine geannuleerde dagen – en dat ook niet helemaal een leugen was. Want […]

It’s a wrap

2021 zit erop. Volgens Spotify dan toch. Mijn jaar hebben ze alvast ingepakt, klaar om naar de achterste regionen van de bovenkamer te verschepen en de vergetelheid in te gaan. Maar niet zomaar. Mijn luistergedrag van de afgelopen elf maanden heeft namelijk een aura gegenereerd. Een aura! Blauwpaars is het, met hier en daar wat […]

no title | in process

‘I bet you’ve never given a woman an orgasm in your life,’ I say. This time he does register me. He’s just finished signing my copy of his latest novel, a people-pleaser I hate from start to finish. He spent considerably more time on his name than on mine. I’m not surprised: we’re in a […]

corona diary | 4 June 2020

You’ve been reading a lot, these past couple of weeks, so much even that you’ve started to wonder whether reading, too, isn’t a form of adultery. A very one-directional form of adultery, tiresomely platonic, but adultery nonetheless. You’ve not been asked to explain your absences yet but you wonder how you would. You spend a […]

corona diary | 24 May 2020

I said I wouldn’t but now I did and I’m not ashamed. Call it a Covid-effect, call it inconsistent, I don’t care because we’ve got a Google Home assistant now and it’s the most indoorsy fun we’ve had since exhausting Netflix, board games, books and conversations. I bought it as an early father’s day gift […]

corona diary | 29 March

corona diary | 29 March This time last year, we travelled to Paris – a delayed birthday gift for our two boys; an early birthday gift for ourselves. At the time, they were used to travelling by car – one of their grandmas lives a 1h drive away from us – but not to being […]

coronadiary | 22 March

I’m listening to Valeria Luiselli’s Lost Children’s Archive. Listening, because I somehow can’t bring myself to read. I first thought it was because the book I was reading (Eimear McBride’s Strange Hotel) experimented too much with sentences; because it was the kind of book that makes thoughts explode rather than inspires them to regroup, but […]