Is all about reading, writing and sharing. Born from the idea that words heal, entertain, set free and itch, the website aims to do all of the aforementioned. Soof will share her creative writing with you but will also count on you to help her create (Soof needs incentives) and to create yourselves (that's ambivalent but so is she).

Could have been called chaos or muddle or pandemonium. Includes her coronadiary. Includes finished stories.  

Soof will post the first paragraph of a story (200 words) and another writer will write another, and another another until there’s a story with a beginning, middle and end. Check my Twitteraccount (I apologize for the ugliness of the button):

Soof will post the first paragraph of a story and let you decide what happens next via Twitter polls. Who knows, she might even end up bandersnatching (it’s a verb now) the whole thing.

And Soof?

Soof's the kind of person who

And looks like this on a windy day:

Feel like sharing?

Please do, but always refer back to the site.

If you want to use a piece of text or one of my photographs: DM me on Twitter.